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Committee: WEE/46/-/13 Ultrasonic examination

  • Subject: Welding
  • Sector: Manufacturing


Under the direction of WEE/46 is responsible for the general standards for the application of non-destructive testing to mechanical engineering materials and components including the non-destructive testing of metallic welds. WEE/46/-/13 provides the detailed technical input to standards for general ultrasonic examination and ultrasonic examination of welds. In conjunction with WEE/46 it provides the UK input to the ultrasonic examination standards being developed within the following European Committees CEN/TC 121/SC 5/WG 2, Ultrasonic examination of welds, CEN/TC 138/WG 2, Ultrasonic examination and the following international committees: ISO/TC 44/SC 5, Testing and inspection of welds, ISO/TC 135/SC 3, Acoustical methods.

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Company name
British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing
R I A - Railway Industry Association
Individual Capacity - Radiography & Ultrasonic
Individual Capacity - Ultrasonics

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