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Committee: SME/32/-/8 Ships & Marine Technology - Structure and ship design


Under the direction of SME/32, is responsible for preparing and maintaining standards concerned with shipbuilding and marine technology and assisting in the preparation of standards in the same field emanating from ISO/TC8/SC8 and implementing them as British Standards. Co-ordinating and preparing the UK ballot responses for draft standards emanating from ISO/TC8/SC8.

Published standards (15)

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Standard referenceNameStatus
BS ISO 3434:1992Shipbuilding and marine structures. Heated glass panes for ships rectangular windowsWithdrawn
BS ISO 17683:2014Ships and marine technology. Ceramic weld backing for marine useCurrent
BS ISO 3434:2012Ships and marine technology. Heated glass panes for ships’ rectangular windowsCurrent
BS ISO 17941:2015Ships and marine technology. Hydraulic hinged watertight fireproof doorsCurrent
BS ISO 17682:2013Ships and marine technology. Methodology for ship launching utilizing air bagsCurrent
BS ISO 16145-5:2014Ships and marine technology. Protective coatings and inspection method - Assessment method for coating damagesCurrent
BS ISO 16145-4:2013Ships and marine technology. Protective coatings and inspection method - Automated measuring method for the total amount of water-soluble saltsCurrent
BS ISO 16548:2012Ships and marine technology. Ship design. General guidance on emergency towing proceduresCurrent
BS ISO 14409:2011Ships and marine technology. Ship launching air bagsCurrent
BS ISO 3903:2012Ships and marine technology. Ships’ ordinary rectangular windowsCurrent
BS ISO 1751:2012Ships and marine technology. Ships’ side scuttlesCurrent
BS ISO 21005:2012Ships and marine technology. Thermally toughened safety glass panes for windows and side scuttlesCurrent
BS ISO 21005:2004Ships and marine technology. Thermally toughened safety glass panes for windows and side scuttlesWithdrawn
BS ISO 614:2012Ships and marine technology. Toughened safety glass panes for rectangular windows and side scuttles. Punch method of non-destructive strength testingCurrent
BS ISO 5797:2004Ships and marine technology. Windows and side scuttles for fire-resistant constructionsCurrent

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