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Standard TitleStatus
BS 7671 18th edition Electrical Installations of Buildingsnull
BS 7671 A3:2015/Cor1 Requirements for Electrical installationsnull
BS EN 12193 Light and lighting - Sports lightingIdea
BS EN 12665 Light and lighting - Basic terms and criteria for specifying lighting requirementsAccepted
BS EN 13032-6 Road lighting – Part 6: Utilization FactorsIdea
BS EN 15193-1 requirements for lighting Part 1: SpecificationsTechnical Review
BS EN 167941 Quantifying irradiance for eye-mediated non-image forming effects of light in humansPublic Comment
BS EN 17037 Daylighting of BuildingsPublic Comment
BS EN 60364-5-56 Ed 3.0 Low-voltage electrical installations Part 5-56: Selection and erection of electrical equipment - Safety servicesAccepted
BS EN 60364-5-57 Low-voltage electrical installations Part 5: Selection and erection of electrical equipment - Clause 57: Stationary secondary batteriesAccepted
BS EN 60364-7-708 Ed 3.0 Low-voltage electrical installations Part 7-708: Requirements for special installations or locations - Caravan parks; camping parks and similar locationsPublic Comment
BS EN 60364-7-721 Ed 2.0 Low-voltage electrical installations Part 7-721: Requirements for special installations or locations - Electrical installations in caravans and motor caravansPublic Comment
BS EN 60570 Ed4.0/A1 Electrical supply track systems for luminairesIdea
BS EN 60598-1:2015/A1 Luminaires - Part 1: General requirements and testsPublic Comment
BS EN 60598-2-13:2006/A1:20011/A2 Luminaires - Part 2-13: Particular requirements - Ground recessed luminairesApproval
BS EN 60598-2-17 Ed 2.0 Luminaires - Part 2-17: Particular requirements - Luminaires for stage lighting, television and film studios (outdoor and indoor)Public Comment
BS EN 60598-2-22:2014/A1 Luminaires - Part 2-22: Particular requirements - Luminaires for emergency lightingAccepted
BS EN 60598-2-4 Luminaires - Part 2: Particular requirements - Portable general purpose luminairesPublic Comment
BS ENISO 11664-5 Colorimetry Part 5: CIE 1976 L*u*v* Colour space and u', v' uniform chromaticity scale diagramPublication
BS ENISO 11664-6 Colorimetry Part 6: CIEDE2000 Colour-difference formula (ISO/CIE 11664-6:2014)Approval
BS ISO 8995-3 Lighting of work places Part 3: Lighting requirements for safety and security of outdoor work placesPublic Comment
BS ISO 20086 Energy performance of lighting in buildingsAccepted
BS ISO 28077 Photocarcinogenesis action spectrum (non-melanoma skin cancers)Publication
PD CEN/TR WI 15193-2 - Energy requirements for lighting Part 2: Technical Report to EN 15193-1Accepted
PD IEC/TS 60479-1 Ed 4.0 /A1 Amendment 1 - Effects of current on human beings and livestock Part 1: General aspectsPublication
PD IEC/TS 60479-2 Ed 4.0 Effects of current on human beings and livestock Part 2: Special aspectsAccepted

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