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BS EN 14749 Domestic and kitchen storage units and worktops - Safety requirements and test methodsPublic Comment
BS EN 16491 Thermal insulation products for buildings - Factory made composite products - SpecificationPublic Comment
BS EN 16724 Thermal insulation products for building applications - Instructions for mounting and fixing for determination of the reaction to fire testing of external thermal Insulation composite systems (ETICS) (Analogue to EN 15715)Public Comment
BS EN ISO 4796-1 Laboratory glassware - Bottles Part 1: Screw-neck bottlesPublic Comment
Opens a new windowBS EN ISO 4797 conical ground jointsPublic Comment
BS ENISO 12572 Hygrothermal performance of building materials and products - Determination of water vapour transmission properties (ISO 12572:2001)Idea
BS ENISO 15758 'Hygrothermal performance of building equipment and industrial installations - Calculation of water vapour diffusion - Cold pipe insulation systemsApproval
BS ENISO 16496 vacuum-jacket insulationPublic Comment
BS ENISO 3819 Laboratory glassware - BeakersPublic Comment
BS ENISO 384 Principles of design and construction of volumetric instrumentsPublic Comment
BS ENISO 6781-3 Performance of buildings - Detection of heat, air and moisture irregularities in buildings by infrared methods Part 3: Qualifications of Equipment Operators, Data Analysts and Report WritersPublic Comment
BS ENISO 7345:1995/A1 Thermal insulation - Physical quantities and definitions (ISO 7345:1987)Accepted
BS ENISO 9972 Thermal performance of buildings - Determination of air permeability of buildings - Fan pressurization methodPublic Comment
BS ISO 15082 Road vehicles - Tests for rigid plastic safety glazing materialsAccepted
BS ISO 16145-5 Ships and marine technology - Protective coatings and inspection method Part 5: Assessment and calculating method for damaged coatings area of ballast tanksApproval
BS ISO 17449 Road vehicles - Safety glazing materials - Test methods for properties of electrically heated glazingAccepted
BS ISO 17939 Ships and marine technology - Oil-tight hatch coversPublic Comment
BS ISO 17940 Ships and marine technology - Hinged watertight doorsPublic Comment
BS ISO 17941 Ships and marine technology - Hydraulic hinged watertight fireproof doorsPublic Comment
BS ISO 19636 General requirements for inclinometers used for determination of trim and list of LNG carriersIdea
BS ISO 23013 Road vehicles — Determination to forced entry of safety glassconstructions used in vehicle glazing — Test of glazing systemsPublic Comment
BS ISO 3536 Road vehicles - Safety glazing materials - VocabularyAccepted
Opens a new windowBS ISO 3537 Road vehicles -- Safety glazing materials -- Mechanical testsPublic Comment
Opens a new windowBS ISO 3917 Road vehicles - Safety glazing materials - Test methods for resistance to radiation, high temperature, humidity, fire and simulated weatheringPublic Comment
BSEN ISO 6042 single-leaf steel doorsPublic Comment
PD CEN/TS 15548-1 Thermal insulation products for building equipment and industrial installations - Determination of thermal resistance by means of the guarded hot plate method Part 1: Measurements at elevated temperatures from 100 °C to 850 °CApproval

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