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Metal testing

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Chemical analysis

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BS EN 10247 Micrographic examination of the non-metallic inclusion content of steels using standard picturesPublic Comment
BS EN 646:2006 Chemical analysis of ferrous materials - Determination of hydrogen in steel - Routine methodAccepted
BS EN ISO 17054:2010 Routine method for analysis of high alloy steel by X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry (XRF) by using a near by techniqueApproval
BS ISO 3878 Hardmetals - Vickers hardness testAccepted
BS ISO 3923-1 Metallic powders - Determination of apparent density Part 1: Funnel methodAccepted
BS ISO 4490 Metallic powders - Determination of flow rate by means of a calibrated funnel (Hall flowmeter)Accepted
BS ISO 4496 Metallic powders - Determination of acid insoluble content in iron, copper, tin and bronze powdersPublic Comment
Opens a new windowBS ISO 4829-1 Steel and cast iron - Determination of total silicon content - Reduced molybdosilicate spectrophotometric method Part 1: Silicon contents between 0,05 and 1,0 %Accepted
BS ISO 4945 Steel - Determination of nitrogen content - Spectrophotometric methodAccepted
Opens a new windowBS ISO 5446 Ferromanganese - Specification and conditions of deliveryAccepted
BS ISO 5754 Sintered metal materials, excluding hardmetals - Unnotched impact test piecePublic Comment
BS ISO 6467 Ferrovanadium - Determination of vanadium content - Potentiometric methodAccepted
PD ISO/TR 21074 Application of ISO 5725 to the international test procedure for the chemical analysis of steelApproval
PD ISO/TS 10719 Cast irons - Determination of non-combined carbon content - lnfrared absorption method after combustion in an induction furnacePublication

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