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BS ISO 13276 Tobacco and tobacco products - Determination of nicotine purity - Gravimetric method using tungstosilicic acidPublic Comment
BS ISO 15152:2003 content of total alkaloids as nicotine - Continuous-flow analysis method - Amendment 2Public Comment
BS ISO 17175 Bidis - Determination of total and nicotine-free dry particulate matter using a routine analytical smoking machineAccepted
BS ISO 1750:1981/Amd 6 Pesticides and other agrochemicals - Common names - Amendment 6: MeptyldinocapPublic Comment
BS ISO 19290 Cigarettes - Determination of tobacco specific nitrosamines in mainstream cigarette smoke - Method using LC-MS/MSApproval
BS ISO 20778 Routine analytical cigarette-smoking machine - Definitions and conditions for the intense smoking regimePublic Comment
BS ISO 20779 Cigarettes - Determination of total particulate matter using a routine analytical smoking machine under intense smoking regimePublic Comment
BS ISO 21045 Tobacco and tobacco products - Determination of ammonia - Method using ion chromatographic analysisAccepted
BS ISO 21161 Material used for producing wrappings for cigarette filters, cigarettes and other tobacco products - Determination of citrate and acetate content by High Pressure Liquid ChromatographyIdea
BS ISO 22634-2 Cigarettes - Determination of benzo[a]pyrene in cigarette mainstream smoke - Method using gas chromatography/mass spectrometry Part 2: Method using cyclohexane as extraction solventPublic Comment
BS ISO 257 Pesticides and other agrochemicals - Principles for the selection of common namesAccepted

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