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Aramide materials

Standards in development (24)

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Standard TitleStatus
BS 2819+A2 Methods for determination of Bow, skew and lengthway distortion in wovenand knitted fabricsApproval
BS ENISO 12947-2 Textiles - Determination of the abrasion resistance of fabrics by the Martindale method Part 2: Determination of specimen breakdownApproval
BS ENISO 15496 permeability of textiles for the purpose of quality controlPublic Comment
BS ENISO 811 resistance to water penetration - Hydrostatic pressure testPublic Comment
BS ISO 20932-1 Textiles - Determination of the elasticity of fabrics Part 1: Strip testsAccepted
BS ISO 20932-2 Textiles - Determination of the elasticity of fabrics Part 2: Multiaxial testsAccepted
BS ISO 20932-3 Textiles - Determination of the elasticity of fabrics Part 3: Narrow fabricsAccepted
BS ISO 10352 Fibre-reinforced plastics - Moulding compounds and prepregs - Determination of mass per unit areaAccepted
BS ISO 1144 designating linear density (Tex System)Publication
BS ISO 11567 Carbon fibre - Determination of filament diameter and cross-sectional areaAccepted
BS ISO 15064 Plastics - Aromatic isocyanates for use in the production of polyurethanes - Determination of the isomer ratio in toluenediisocyanateAccepted
BS ISO 19927 Fibre-reinforced plastic composites - Determination of interlaminar strength and modulus by double beamshear testPublic Comment
BS ISO 20158 Textiles-Determination of surface water absorption of microfiber fabricsAccepted
BS ISO 20368 Plastics - Epoxy resins - Determination of degree of crosslinking for crosslinking epoxy resins by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopyAccepted
BS ISO 20754 Textiles - Man-made fibres - Determination of shape factors in cross sectionAccepted
BS ISO 20852 Textiles - Determination of the total heat transfer through textiles in simulated environmentsIdea
BS ISO 20920 Textiles - Man-made fibres - Determination of dye-uptake of polyester fibres at normal pressureAccepted
BS ISO 20975-2 Carbon-fibre-reinforced plastics - Methods for measurement of through-thickness laminate properties Part 2: Considering size effects by flexural testAccepted
BS ISO 21046 Silk - Test method for size of silkAccepted
BS ISO 21232 Textiles - Test method for determining moisturizing effect of textiles on human skin - in vitro testAccepted
BS ISO 2321 Rubber threads - Methods of testPublic Comment
BS ISO 2797:1986 for a specification - Amendment 1Public Comment
BS ISO 3616:2001 and continuous-filament mats - Determination of average thickness, thickness under load and recovery after compression - Amendment 1Public Comment
BS ISO 5025:1997 fabrics - Determination of width and length - Amendment 1Public Comment

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