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BS 1139-6 Metal Scaffolding Specification for prefabricated tower scaffolds outside the scope of BS E1004, but utilising components from such systems.Idea
BS EN 12999:2011+A1:2012/A2 Cranes - Loader cranesAccepted
BS EN 13000:2010/A1 Cranes - Mobile cranesApproval
BS EN 13001-1 Cranes – General design – Part 1: General principles and requirementsIdea
BS EN 13001-2 Crane safety - General design Part 2: Load actionsApproval
BS EN 13001-3-2 Cranes - General design Part 3-2: Limit states and proof of competence of wire ropes in reeving systemsApproval
BS EN 13001-3-3 Cranes - General design Part 3-3: Limit states and proof of competence of wheel/rail contactsTechnical Review
BS EN 13001-3-5 Cranes - General Design Part 3.5, Limit state and proof of competence of forged hooksPublic Comment
BS EN 13155 Cranes - Non-fixed load lifting attachmentsIdea
BS EN 14439 Cranes - Tower cranesIdea
BS EN 1570-1:2011/A1 Safety requirements for lifting tables – Part 1: Lifting tables serving up to two fixed landingsApproval
Opens a new windowBS EN 280:2013/A1:2013 Mobile elevating work platforms - Design calculations - Stability criteria - Construction - Safety - Examinations and testsPublic Comment
BS EN WI 00147139 Light crane systemsIdea
BS ENISO 3266:2010/Amd 1 for general lifting purposes - Amendment 1Public Comment
BS ISO 11031 Cranes - Design principles for seismic loadPublic Comment
BS ISO 11660-2 Cranes - Access, guards and restraints Part 2: Mobile cranesPublic Comment
BS ISO 11662-2 Cranes - Experimental determination of crane performance Part 2: Structural competence under static loadingPublic Comment
BS ISO 12482 Cranes - Monitoring for crane design lifeApproval
BS ISO 16715 Cranes - Hand signals used with cranesPublic Comment
BS ISO 16872 Short link chains for lifting purposes - Grade VH, fine tolerance for manually operated chain hoistsPublic Comment
BS ISO 16877 Short link chains for lifting purposes - Grade TH, fine tolerance for manually operated chain hoistsPublic Comment
BS ISO 17096 Cranes - Safety - Load lifting attachmentsPublic Comment
BS ISO 17440 Cranes - General Design - Limit states and proof of competence of forged hooksPublication
BS ISO 18467 Offshore cranes - Details of proposal & standard outlineIdea
BS ISO 20332 Cranes - Proof of competence of steel structuresPublic Comment
BS ISO 4302 Cranes - Wind load assessmentAccepted
BS ISO 4306-3 Cranes - Vocabulary Part 3: Tower cranesPublic Comment
BS ISO 7752-3 Cranes - Control layout and characteristics Part 3: Tower cranesApproval
BS ISO 9927-5 Cranes - Inspections Part 5: Overhead travelling and portal bridge cranesPublic Comment
BS ISO 9928-2:2007/Amd 1 Cranes - Crane driving manual Part 2: Mobile crane operators - Amendment 1Public Comment

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