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Proposed standards (2)

ISO/TC 114 N 421, ISO/NP 18684Timekeeping instruments — Watch external parts made of hard materials — General requirements and test methodsComment deadline: 1/15/2016
ISO-TC114-SC13_N0053Mineral and sapphire watch-glasses — Part 4: Coating performanceComment deadline: 2/16/2016

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Standards in development (17)

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Standard TitleStatus
BS EN 1811:2011/A1 Reference test method for release of nickel from all post assemblies which are inserted into pierced parts of the human body and articles intended to come into direct and prolonged contact with the skinPublication
BS EN 60086-1 Ed12.0 Primary batteries Part 1: GeneralApproval
BS EN 60086-2 Ed13.0 Primary batteries Part 2: Physical and electrical specificationsPublic Comment
BS EN 60086-3 Ed 4.0 Primary batteries Part 3: Watch batteriesPublic Comment
BS EN 60086-5 ED 2.0/A1 Primary batteries Part 5: Safety of batteries with aqueous electrolyteAccepted
BS EN 62281 Ed 3.0 Safety of primary and secondary lithium cells and batteries during transportAccepted
BS EN 62466 Secondary cells and batteries containing alkaline or other non-acid elec trolytes - Secondary lithium watch batteriesIdea
BS EN ISO 11426 Determination of gold in gold jewellery alloys - Cupellation method (fire assay)Publication
BS EN ISO 9202 Jewellery - Fineness of precious metal alloysPublication
BS ENISO 18323 Jewellery - Consumer confidence in the diamond industryPublication
BS ENISO 8653 measurement and designationApproval
BS ISO 10553 Horology - Procedure for evaluating the accuracy of quartz watchesPublic Comment
BS ISO 1413 Horology - Shock-resistant watchesPublication
BS ISO 19235 Analogue quartz clocks - Timing AccuracyPublic Comment
BS ISO 3160-2 Watch-cases and accessories - Gold alloy coverings Part 2: Determination of fineness, thickness, corrosion resistance and adhesionApproval
BS ISO 3764 Timekeeping instruments - Movements - Types, dimensions and nomenclatureTechnical Review
PD ISO/TS 18684 Timekeeping instrument - Watch external parts made of hard material - General requirements and test methodsApproval

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Published standards (18)

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Standard referenceNameStatus
BS ISO 764:2002Horology. Magnetic resistant watchesCurrent
BS ISO 10553:2003Horology. Procedure for evaluating the accuracy of quartz watchesCurrent
BS ISO 22810:2010Horology. Water-resistant watchesCurrent
BS ISO 12819:2009Methods of evaluation of the battery life of a battery-powered watchCurrent
BS ISO 12819:1999Methods of evaluation of the lifetime of a battery-powered watchWithdrawn
BS ISO 14368-2:2003Mineral and sapphire watch-glasses - Assembly to the case by adhesive or using a gasketCurrent
BS ISO 14368-3:2003Mineral and sapphire watch-glasses - Qualitative criteria and test methodsCurrent
BS ISO 14368-1:2000Mineral and sapphire watch-glasses - Dimensions and tolerancesCurrent
BS EN 60086-3:2011Primary batteries - Watch batteriesCurrent
BS EN 60086-3:2005Primary batteries - Watch batteriesWithdrawn
BS ISO 3764:1997Timekeeping instruments. Movements. Forms, dimensions and nomenclatureWithdrawn
BS ISO 3764:2000Timekeeping instruments. Movements. Forms, dimensions and nomenclatureCurrent, Work in Hand
BS ISO 3159:2009Timekeeping instruments. Wrist-chronometers with spring balance oscillatorCurrent
BS ISO 14856:2001Timekeeping instruments. Wristwatch cases. Fixing dimensions of non-spring-bar typesCurrent
BS ISO 23160:2011Watch cases and accessories. Tests of the resistance to wear, scratching and impactsCurrent
BS ISO 3160-2:2003Watch-cases and accessories. Gold alloy coverings - Determination of fineness, thickness, corrosion resistance and adhesionCurrent, Work in Hand
BS ISO 3160-1:1998Watch-cases and accessories. Gold alloy coverings - General requirementsCurrent
BS ISO 16253:2007Watch-cases and accessories. Vapour phase deposited coatingsCurrent

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