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BS EN 50124-1 Railway applications - Insulation coordination Part 1: Basic requirements - Clearances and creepage distances for all electrical and electronic equipmentIdea
BS EN 50124-2 Railway applications - Insulation coordination Part 2: Overvoltages and related protectionIdea
BS EN 50155 Railway applications - Electronic equipment used on rolling stockAccepted
BS EN 50321 Live working - Footwear for electrical protection - Insulating footwear and overbootsPublic Comment
BS EN 50405 Railway applications - Current collection systems - Pantographs, testing methods for contact stripsPublic Comment
BS EN 50502 Railway applications - Rolling stock - Electric equipment in trolley buses - Safety requirements and connection systemsPublication
BS EN 50592 Railway applications - Testing of rolling stock for electromagneticcompatibility with axle countersPublic Comment
BS EN 50628 50628 Erection of electrical installations in underground minesnull
BS EN 60050-811 Ed. 2.0 International Electrotechnical Vocabulary (IEV) Part 811: Electric tractionAccepted
BS EN 60077-1 Ed. 2.0 Railway applications - Electric equipment for rolling stock Part 1: General service conditions and general rulesAccepted
BS EN 60077-2 Ed. 2.0 Electric equipment for rolling stock Part 2: Electrotechnical components - General rulesAccepted
BS EN 60079-0 Ed 7.0 Explosive atmospheres Part 0: Equipment - General requirementsAccepted
BS EN 60079-13 Ed 2.0 Explosive atmospheres Part 13: Equipment protection by pressurized room p and artificially ventilated room vPublic Comment
BS EN 60079-28 Ed 2.0 Explosive atmospheres Part 28: Protection of equipment and transmission systems using optical radiationPublication
BS EN 60079-29-1 Ed 2.0 Explosive atmospheres Part 29-1: Gas detectors - Performance requirements of detectors for flammable gasesPublic Comment
BS EN 60079-30-1 Explosive atmospheres Part 30-1: Electrical resistance trace heating- General; type testing and design requirementsApproval
BS EN 60079-30-2 Explosive atmospheres Part 30-2: Electrical resistance trace heating- Application guide for design; installation and maintenanceApproval
BS EN 60079-6 Ed 4.0 Explosive atmospheres Part 6: Equipment protection by oil immersion "o"Publication
BS EN 60079-7 IEC 60079-7 Ed. 5.0 Explosive atmospheres Part 7: Equipment protection by increased safety 'e'Approval
BS EN 60310 ED 4.0 Railway applications - Traction transformers and inductors on board rolling stockPublic Comment
BS EN 60855-1 Ed 2.0 Live working - Insulating foam-filled tubes and solid rods Part 1: Tubes and rods of a circular cross-sectionPublic Comment
BS EN 60895 Ed3.0 Live working - Conductive clothingAccepted
BS EN 60900 Ed 4.0 Live working - Hand tools for use up to 1 000 V a.c. and 1 500 V d.cPublic Comment
BS EN 60903 Ed 3.0 Live working - Electrical insulating glovesPublication
BS EN 60984 Ed 2.0 Live working – Electrical insulating sleevesPublication
BS EN 61057 Ed2.0 for mounting on a chassisPublic Comment
BS EN 61377 Ed. 2.0 Railway Applications - Rolling stock - Combined-testing of motors andtheir control systemPublic Comment
BS EN 61482-2 Ed2.0 against the thermal hazards of an electric arc Part 2: RequirementsAccepted
BS EN 62625-2 Electronic railway equipment - On-board driving data recording system Part 2: Conformance testingPublic Comment
BS EN 62718 Railway applications - Rolling stock - DC supplied electronic ballastsfor lighting fluorescent lampsApproval
BS EN 62846 Ed. 1.0 Railway applications - Current collection systems - Requirements for andvalidations of measurements of the dynamic interaction betweenpantograph and overhead contact lineAccepted
BS EN 62864-1 ED 1.0 stock - Power supply with onboard energystorage system Part 1: Series hybrid systemPublic Comment
BS EN 62928 Ed. 1.0 Railway applications - Rolling stock equipment - Onboard lithium-iontraction batteriesIdea
BS EN 62990-1 Workplace Atmospheres Part 1 Gas detectors - Performance requirements of detectors for toxic gasesAccepted
BS EN ISO/IEC 60079-13 IEC 60079-13 Explosive atmospheres Part 13: Equipment protection by pressurized room "p" and artificially ventilated room "v"Public Comment
BS EN PNW 9-1872 Ed. 1.0 Railway applications - Fixed installations - Stationary energy storagesystem for DC traction systemsAccepted
BS EN PWI 9-12 Ed. 1.0 Lithium-Ion Traction Batteries for Railways ApplicationsAccepted
BS IEC 60050-821 ED 2.0 International Electrotechnical Vocabulary (IEV) Part 821: Signalling and security apparatus for railwaysAccepted
PD IEC/TR 61243-6 Ed 1.0 Live working - Voltage detectors Part 6: Guidelines on non-contact voltage detectors (NCVD) for use at nominal voltages above 1 kV a.c.Accepted
PD IEC/TS 60079-32-1 Ed 1.0 /A1 Amendment 1: Explosive atmospheres Part 32-1: Electrostatic hazards; guidanceAccepted

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