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Deaf & hearing impaired people

Standards in development (43)

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Standard TitleStatus
BS EN 14604 Smoke alarm devicesPublic Comment
BS EN 54-11 Fire detection and fire alarm systems Part 11: Manual call pointsApproval
Opens a new windowBS EN 54-27:2015 Amd 1:2016 Fire detection and fire alarms systems Part 27: Duct smoke detectorsPublic Comment
BS EN 54-28 Fire detection and fire alarm system Part 28: Non-resettable line type heat detectorsPublication
BS EN 54-29:2015/A1 Fire detection and fire alarm systems Part 29: Multi-sensor fire detectors - Point detectors using a combination of smoke and heat sensorsIdea
BS EN 54-5 Fire detection and fire alarm systems Part 5: Point heat detectorsApproval
BS EN 54-7 Fire detection and fire alarm systems Part 7: Smoke detectors - Point detectors using scattered light, transmitted light or ionisationPublication
BS EN 60118-13 ED.4 Electroacoustics - Hearing aids Part 13: Electromagnetic compatability (EMC) (Revision of IEC 60118-13: 2011)Publication
BS EN 60645-1 Ed. 4.0 Electroacoustics - Audiometric equipment Part 1: Equipment for pure-tone and speech audiometryPublic Comment
BS EN 60942 Electroacoustics - Sound calibrators (Revision of IEC 60942:2003)Accepted
BS EN 61094-3 ED.2 Electroacoustics - Measurement microphones Part 3: Primary method for free field calibration of laboratory standard microphones by the reciprocity techniquePublication
BS EN 61094-5 Ed 2.0 Measurement microphones Part 5: Methods for pressure calibration of working standard microphones by comparisonPublication
BS EN 61265 Electroacoustics - Instruments for measurement of aircraft noise - Performance requirements for systems to measure sound pressure levelsin noise certification of aircraftAccepted
BS ENISO 10075-1 Ergonomic principles related to mental work-load Part 1: General concepts, terms and definitionsPublic Comment
BS ENISO 389-1 Acoustics - Reference Part 1:Accepted
BS ENISO 389-7:2005/Amd 1 the calibration of audiometric equipment Part 7: Reference threshold of hearing under free-field and diffuse-field listening conditions - Amendment 1Publication
BS ENISO 4869-1 Acoustics - Hearing protectors Part 1: Subjective method for the measurement of sound attenuationPublic Comment
BS ENISO 4869-2 Acoustics - Hearing protectors Part 2: Estimation of effective A-weighted sound pressure levels when hearing protectors are wornPublic Comment
BS ENISO 6385 Ergonomic principles in the design of work systemsPublication
BS ENISO 7029 hearing thresholds as a function of ageApproval
BS ENISO 9241-11 Ergonomics of human-system interaction Part 11: Usability: Definitions and conceptsPublic Comment
BS ENISO 9241-112 Ergonomics of human-system interaction Part 112: Principles and general guidance for the presentation of informationTechnical Review
BS ENISO 9241-125 Ergonomics of human-system interaction Part 125: Guidance on visual presentation of informationPublic Comment
BS ENISO 9241-220 Ergonomics of human-computer interaction Part 220: Processes for enabling, executing and assessing human-centred design within organizationsPublic Comment
BS ENISO 9241-306 Ergonomics of human-system interaction Part 306: Field assessment methods for electronic visual displaysAccepted
BS ENISO 9241-333 Ergonomics of human-system interaction Part 333: Stereoscopic displays using glassesPublic Comment
BS ENISO 9241-392 Ergonomics of human-system interaction Part 392: Ergonomic recommendations for the reduction of visual fatigue from stereoscopic images (ISO 9241-392:2015)Public Comment
BS ENISO 9241-960 Ergonomics of human-system interaction Part 960: Framework and guidance for gesture interactionsPublic Comment
BS ISO 7176-6 Wheelchairs Part 6: Determination of maximum speed, acceleration and deceleration of electric wheelchairsAccepted
BS ISO 7240-7 Fire detection and alarm systems Part 7: Point-type smoke detectors using scattered light, transmitted light or ionizationAccepted
BS ISO 19894 Walking trolleys - Requirements and test methodsAccepted
BS ISO 20342 Assistive products for tissue integrity when lying downAccepted
BS ISO 21055 Ergonomics - Accessible Design - Minimum legible font size for people at any ageIdea
BS ISO 21056 Ergonomics - Accessible design - Guidelines for designing tactile symbols and lettersIdea
BS ISO 24507 the electronic home appliancesAccepted
BS ISO 27501 The human-centred organization - Management of ergonomic processesIdea
BS ISO 4869-6 Acoustics - Hearing protectors Part 6: Determination of sound attenuation of active noise reduction ear-muffsAccepted
BS ISO 9241-940.2 Ergonomics of human-system interaction Part 940: Evaluation of tactile and haptic interactionsPublic Comment
PD IEC/TS 60318-7 Ed. 2.0 Electroacoustics - Simulators of human head and ear Part 7: Head and torso simulator for the measurement of air-conduction hearing aidsApproval
PD IEC/TS 62370 +A1 Electroacoustics - Instruments for the measurement of sound intensity - Electromagnetic and electrostat compatibility requirements and test procedures Amendment 1Accepted
PD IEC/TS 62886 Ed1.0 measuring electroacoustic performance up to 16 kHzPublication
PD ISO/TR 21756 Introduction to control room design series of standardsIdea
PD ISO/TS 21054-1 Ergonomics - Accessible design - input controls of consumer products Part 1: Input controls accessibility for basic operationIdea

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