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Standards in development (28)

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Standard TitleStatus
BS 6349-1-2 Maritime works Part 1-2: General - Code of practice for assessment of actionsAccepted
BS 6349-5 Maritime works Part 5: Code of practice for dredging and land reclamationIdea
BS 7958 Closed circuit television (CCTV) – Management and operation – Code ofpracticePublic Comment
BS 8584 Vacant property protection Code of practiceIdea
BS EN 16747 Maritime and port security servicesTechnical Review
BS EN 16763 Services for fire safety systems and security systemsPublic Comment
BS ENISO 15008 Road vehicles - Ergonomic aspects of transport information and control systems - Specifications and test procedures for in-vehicle visual presentationAccepted
BS ENISO 17100 Translation Services - Requirements for translation servicesApproval
BS ISO 16505 Road vehicles - Ergonomic and performance aspects of Camera-Monitor- Systems - Requirements and test procedures.Publication
BS ISO 16642 Computer applications in terminology - Terminological markup frameworkPublic Comment
BS ISO 17488 Road vehicle - Transport information and control systems - Detection-response Task (DRT) for assessing selective attention in drivingPublic Comment
BS ISO 18587 Translation services - Requirements for machine translation (MT) and post edition levelsAccepted
BS ISO 18841 Interpreting - General guidelinesAccepted
BS ISO 19945 Standard guidelines on the rail ferry systemIdea
BS ISO 20108 Simultaneous interpreting - Quality and transmission of sound and image input - RequirementsIdea
BS ISO 20109 Simultaneous interpreting - Equipment - RequirementsIdea
BS ISO 20228 Guidelines for language services in judicial settingsIdea
Opens a new windowBS ISO 24615-2 Language resource management - Syntactic annotation framework (SynAF) Part 2: XML serialization ()Public Comment
BS ISO 24617-6 Language resource management - Semantic annotation framework Part 6: Principles of semantic annotation (SemAF-Basics)Accepted
BS ISO 24617-8 Language resource management - Semantic annotation framework Part 8: Semantic relations in discourse (SemAF-DRel)Accepted
BS ISO 24621 Language resources management - Segmentation Rules eXchange (SRX)Public Comment
BS ISO 24623-1 Language resource management - Corpus Query Lingua Franca (CQLF) Part 1: MetamodelAccepted
BS ISO 24624 Language resource management - Transcription of spoken languageAccepted
BS ISO 2575:2010/Amd 5 Road vehicles - Symbols for controls, indicators and tell-tales - Amendment 5Approval
BS ISO 28007-2 Ships and marine technology - Guidelines for Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSC) providing privately contracted armed security personnel (PCASP) on board ships (and pro forma contract) Part 2: International model set of maritime rules for the use of force (RUF) - The 100 series rulesAccepted
BS ISO 29400 Ships and marine technology - Offshore wind energy - Ports and marine operationsApproval
BS ISO 29404 Ships and marine technology - Specific requirements for offshore wind farm components - Supply chain information flowPublic Comment
BS ISO/TS 24620-1 Language resource management - Simplified natural language Part 1: Basic concepts and general principlesApproval

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Published standards (18)

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Standard referenceNameStatus
BS EN 16082:2011Airport and aviation security servicesCurrent
BS 7872:1996Code of practice for operation of cash-in-transit services (collection and delivery)Withdrawn
BS EN 16310:2013Engineering services. Terminology to describe engineering services for buildings, infrastructure and industrial facilitiesCurrent
BS EN 16311:2013Engineering services. Terminology to describe engineering services for industrial productsCurrent
BS ISO 25639-1:2008Exhibitions, shows, fairs and conventions - VocabularyCurrent
BS ISO 25639-2:2008Exhibitions, shows, fairs and conventions - Measurement procedures for statistical purposesCurrent
BS EN 16114:2011Management consultancy servicesCurrent
BS 7872:2011Manned security services. Cash and valuables in transit services (collection and delivery). Code of practiceCurrent
BS 7872:2002Manned security services. Cash-in-transit services (collection and delivery). Code of practiceWithdrawn
BS EN 15707:2008Print media surveys. Vocabulary and service requirementsCurrent
BS 8549:2006Security consultancy. Code of practiceCurrent
BS EN 15602:2008Security service providers. TerminologyCurrent
PD ISO/PAS 28007:2012Ships and marine technology. Guidelines for Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSC) providing privately contracted armed security personnel (PCASP) on board ships (and pro forma contract)Current, Work in Hand
BS 559:1998Specification for design, construction and installation of signsWithdrawn
BS 559:2009Specification for the design and construction of signs for publicity, decorative and general purposesCurrent
BS EN 15038:2006Translation services. Service requirementsCurrent
BS EN 12507:2005Transportation services. Guidance notes on the application of EN ISO 9001:2000 to the road transportation, storage, distribution and railway goods industriesCurrent
BS EN 12507:2000Transportation services. Guidance notes on the application of EN ISO 9002 to the road transport, storage and distribution industriesWithdrawn

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