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BS 8536 Facility Management Briefing - Code of PracticeAccepted
BS EN 1253-1 Gullies for buildings Part 1: Trapped floor gullies with a depth water seal of at least 50 mmApproval
BS EN 1253-2 Gullies for buildings Part 2: Roof drains and floor gullies without trapPublication
BS EN 13508-2:2003+A1: Investigation and assessment of drain and sewer systems outsidebuildings. Visual inspection coding systemnull
BS EN 15628 Maintenance - Qualification of maintenance personnelApproval
BS EN 15701 Plastics - Thermoplastic jackets for insulation products for building equipment and industrial installations - Requirements and test methodsAccepted
BS EN 16397-1 Flexible couplings Part 1: Performance requirementsApproval
BS EN 16397-2 Flexible couplings Part 2 - Materials and dimensions for metal banded flexible couplingsApproval
BS EN 16465 Plastics - Calibration method of black-standard and white-syandard thermometers and black-panel and white-panel thermometers for use in natural and artificial weatheringPublic Comment
BS EN 16480 Pumps - Minimum required efficiency of rotodynamic water pumpsPublic Comment
BS EN 16644 Pumps - Rotodynamic pumps - Circulation pumps having a rated power input not exceeding 200 W for heating installations and domestic hot water installations - Noise test code (vibro-acoustics) for measuring structure - and fluid-borne noise (replacingPublication
BS EN 16646 Maintenance within physical asset managementApproval
BS EN 16752 Centrifugal pumps - Test procedure for seal packingsPublic Comment
Opens a new windowBS EN 16795 Plastics - Prediction of heat build up by simulated solar radiationPublic Comment
BS EN 59 Reinforced plastics - Measurement of hardness by means of a Barcol impressorPublic Comment
BS EN 60300-3-10 Ed 2.0 Dependability management Part 3-10: Application guide - Maintainability and supportabilityAccepted
BS EN 60300-3-3 Dependability management Part 3-3: Application guide - Life cycle costingAccepted
BS EN 60812 Ed 3.0 Failure Mode and Effects analysis (FMEA)Accepted
BS EN 61014 Programmes for reliability growthAccepted
BS EN 61078 Ed 3.0 Analysis techniques for dependability - Reliability block diagram and Boolean methodsAccepted
BS EN 61703 Ed 2.0 Mathematical expressions for reliability; availability; maintainability and maintenance support termsAccepted
BS EN 61709 Ed 3.0 Electric components - Reliability - Reference conditions for failure rates and stress models for conversionAccepted
BS EN 61882 Ed 2.0 Hazard and operability studies (HAZOP studies) - Application guideAccepted
BS EN 62550 Spare parts provisioningAccepted
BS EN 62550 Spare Parts ProvisioningAccepted
BS EN 62740 Root Cause Analysis (RCA)Approval
BS EN 62741 Guide to the demonstration of dependability requirements. The dependability caseApproval
BS EN ISO 14414 Pump system energy assessmentApproval
BS EN ISO 21049 Pumps - Shaft sealing systems for centrifugal and rotary pumpsApproval
BS EN ISO 22007-2 Plastics - Determination of thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity Part 2: Transient plane heat source (hot disc) methodPublic Comment
BS ENISO 11357-7 Plastics - Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) Part 7: Determination of crystallization kineticsPublic Comment
BS ENISO 13710 Petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries - Reciprocating positive displacement pumpsPublic Comment
BS ENISO 13802 Plastics - Verification of pendulum impact-testing machines - Charpy, Izod and tensile impact-testingTechnical Review
BS ENISO 13894-1 High-pressure decorative laminates - Composite elements Part 1 : Test methodsApproval
BS ENISO 13894-2 High-pressure decorative laminates - Composite elements Part 2 : Specifications for composite elements with wood-based substrates for interior useApproval
BS ENISO 1628-5 Plastics - Determination of the viscosity of polymers in dilute solution using capillary viscometers Part 5 : Thermoplastic polyester (TP) homopolymers and copolymersApproval
BS ENISO 20200 disintegration of plastic materials under simulated composting conditions in a laboratory-scale testPublic Comment
BS ENISO 20361 code - Grades 2 and 3 of accuracyApproval
BS ENISO 22007-6 Plastics - Determination of thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity Part 6 : Comparative method for low thermal conductivities using a temperature-modulation techniqueApproval
BS ENISO 4892-1 Plastics - Methods of exposure to laboratory light sources Part 1: General guidancePublic Comment
BS ENISO 899-1:2003 +A1 Plastics - Determination of creep behaviour Part 1: Tensile creep - Amendment 1Approval
BS ENISO 899-2:2003 +A1 Plastics - Determination of creep behaviour Part 2: Flexural creep by three-point loading - Amendment 1Approval
BS ENISO 9988-2 Plastics - Polyoxymethylene (POM) moulding and extrusion materials Part 2 : Preparation of test specimens and determination of propertiesApproval
BS IEC 60050-692 International Electrotechnical Vocabulary Part 692: Electric power systems: dependability and quality of serviceIdea
BS ISO 10350-1 Plastics - Acquisition and presentation of comparable single-point data Part 1: Moulding materialsAccepted
BS ISO 16012 Plastics - Determination of linear dimensions of test specimensApproval
BS ISO 16118 Plastics - Determination of time-dependent Poisson's ratioAccepted
BS ISO 16620-1 Plastics - Biobased content Part 1: General principlesPublic Comment
BS ISO 16620-2 Plastics - Biobased content Part 2: Determination of biobased carbon contentPublic Comment
BS ISO 16620-3 Plastics - Biobased content Part 3: Determination of biobased synthetic polymer contentPublic Comment
BS ISO 16620-4 Plastics - Biobased content Part 4: Determination of the total biobased mass contentAccepted
BS ISO 17282 Plastics - Guide to the acquisition and presentation of design dataAccepted
BS ISO 17282:2004 + A1 Plastics - Guide to the acquisition and presentation of design dataPublic Comment
BS ISO 18247 Plastics - Determination of the shear viscosity of polymer melts using screw-type rheometersAccepted
BS ISO 18480-1 Facility Management Part 1: Terms and definitionsAccepted
BS ISO 18480-2 Facility Management Part 2: Guidance on how to prepare Facility Management agreementsAccepted
BS ISO 18485 Peel test for the determination of interlaminar fracture toughness of flexible packaging laminatesAccepted
BS ISO 18830 Plastics - Test method for determining aerobic biodegradation of plastic materials sunk at the sea water/sandy sediment interfaceAccepted
BS ISO 18874 Plastics - Determination of fracture toughness under plane-stress conditionsAccepted
BS ISO 19278 Plastics - Instrumented indentation test for hardness - Test methodAccepted
BS ISO 19688 Rotodymanic pumps - Hydraulic performance acceptance test using model pumpAccepted
BS ISO 4582 Plastics - Determination of changes in colour and variations in properties after exposure to daylight under glass, natural weathering or laboratory light sourcesAccepted
BS ISO 4892-3 Plastics - Methods of exposure to laboratory light sources Part 3: Fluorescent UV lampsPublic Comment
BS ISO 6721-10 Plastics - Determination of dynamic mechanical properties Part 10: Complex shear viscosity using a parallel-plate oscillatory rheometerPublic Comment
BS ISO 899-1 Plastics - Determination of creep behaviour Part 1: Tensile creepAccepted
PD CEN/TS 16811 Plastics - Recycled plastics - Determination of marker compounds in food grade recycled poly(ethylene terephtalate) (PET)Accepted
PD IEC/TS 62775 Ed 1.0 Dependability Management - Application guide - Dependability and Financial Processes for implementing Asset Management SystemsAccepted
PD ISO/TR 18486 Plastics - Calculation of the goodness of fit of the spectral distribution of a solar simulator to a reference solar spectral distributionPublication
PD ISO/TS 19022 Plastics - Determination acceleration of laboratory weatheringIdea

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